Dear Colleagues:
We are writing to inform you that this year, due to the Tomb Sweeping Days from April 4 to April 8, 2018, the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office will be closed during the said period. All deadlines falling during the period will be automatically extended to April 9, 2018. However, kindly note that March 31 (Sat.) will be a working day in Taiwan to accommodate the long holidays. Any deadline for Taiwan applications falling on March 31 will NOT be postponed.
Incidentally, the State Intellectual Property Office and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office of P.R. China will be temporarily closed from April 5 to April 7, 2018. Be kindly reminded that April 8 (Sun.) will be a working day in China. Any deadlines for Chinese TRADEMARK applications falling on April 5-7 will be automatically extended to April 8 (Sun.) and the deadline falls on April 8 (Sun.) will NOT be postponed. However, the deadlines for Chinese patent applications falling during the said days (April 5-8) remain to the next week day, that is, April 9 (Mon.).
Incidentally, the Hong Kong Patent Department will be temporarily closed on April 5, 2018. All deadlines falling during the said day will be automatically extended to April 6, 2018. Nevertheless, our office will be closed from April 4 to April 8, 2018, and we will not resume normal business operation until April 9, 2018.
Therefore, we would appreciate if all urgent cases and instructions are received no later than March 28, 2018.
Hope the above schedule will not cause any inconvenience to you.
Patent Attorneys & Attorneys at Law
Phone: (886)2-2571-0150
Fax: (886)2-2562-9103
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